We have the most advanced machinery in El Salvador

Idea/ Problem

Our customers bring us an idea or a problem they want to solve.
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Step 1

Take measurements/ Design parts

We evaluate the measurements of the part to be manufactured.
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Step 2

3D modeling and manufacturing simulation

We create the 3D model and simulate the manufacturing process of the part.
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Step 3

Machine Manufacturing

Our design department provides the generated code to machine operators who manufacture the part.
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Step 4

Measurement/ Quality Check

We polish the part and it goes through a thorough quality check procedure to ensure the perfect part.
Step 5


We have the largest and best equipped CNC Center in the country with lathes and milling machines of all sizes, surface grinders, shaper machines, pantographs, electric discharge machines, gear hobbing machines, plasma cutters, and a welding area with TIG, MIG, plasma, and arc welding.

Manual Lathes

Manual Lathes

CNC Machining Centers

CNC Machining Centers

Gear Hobbing Machines

Shaper Machines


Surface Grinders

Manual Milling Machines

CNC Turning Centers

CNC Turning Centers

Electric Discharge Machines

CNC Plasma Cutters

TIG, MIG, Plasma & Arc Welding


We specialize in the manufacturing of products related to the automotive industry. One of these products is the pre-combustion chamber for diesel engines that we distribute at high quality and competitive prices.
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