Machine Shop






The machine shop services that the Industrial Division provides in El Salvador is one of the most complete of itís kind.  The company can accomplish this with a large inventory of machines (Conventional Milling machines, CNC Turning Centers, CNC milling machines, EDM machine, Pantograph machines, Surface Grinders, Cylindrical Grinders ,Gear Hobber, Shapers, Horizontal & Vertical boring machines,  Drills, Automatic Bandsaws, An area specialized in all kinds of welding, CAD-CAM systems, etc.  All the equipment combined with our highly trained personnel services the local industry in the repair and manufacture of metal machine Parts.  Among our services that we provide, here are some examples:

Manufacture of gears, worms, and related products.
Manufacture of gear boxes
Manufacture of pulleys
Manufacture of tools
Manufacture of cams
Repair or Manufacture Depository machines
Repair of construction machinery
Repair or Manufacture of Agricultural machinery
Repair or Manufacture of conveyors systems
Manufacture Metal Tanks
General Welding Services

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