Col. Herman Baron  with mr  
President Jose Maria Lemus

Col. Herman Baron in Aberdeen Proving Grounds during    
 Machine Gun Test HB-1

  Bill  No 001

1959, Cnel. Herman Baron with his son Carlos Baron Leiva and  personal

GRUPO BARON’S history began in 1952 when Col. Herman Baron decided to open the first Engine Rebuilding Shop in the country.  Col. Baron studied mechanical engineering at Louisiana State University, when he returned to El Salvador, he was one of the founders of El Salvador’s Air Force and it was here where he entered in the military career, first as one of the pioneer pilots and then as it’s chief.  In 1944 he had to leave the country because of a military coupe that overthrew the government. This event forced him to go to the United States, here he began working as a foreman in AiResearch Manufacturing Company (a division of the Garret Corporation) located in Los Angeles California (1945-1949).  After the military government in El Salvador changed, he decided to return to the country and founded H.BARON.  His son, Carlos Baron took over the business in 1959 after finishing college at the Instituto Tecnologico de Monterrey in Mexico, where he graduated in business administration.  While his son was managing the company, Col. Baron returned to the military service, working as chief of El Salvador army ordnance department.  Here he developed and built a sub-machined gun named HB-1, which was successfully tested at Aberdeen and quoting from the book The World Submachine Guns Vol. 1 by Thomas B. Nelson,  it says “it was found to be satisfactory and would operate under most adverse conditions”.

Machine Shop HBARON, 1959


Engine Rebuilding is one of the three companies that make GRUPO BARON.  It is a company that has been in service for over 60 years.  It has five branches in the country with over 130 employees  of the 220 employees that Grupo Baron has.  This company rebuilds approximately 1500 engines a month.


Engine Autoparts is the second company of GRUPO BARON, founded by Col. Baron’s son Carlos Baron in 1965.  Is a company dedicated to the distribution of Auto Parts and represents some of the best brands in the world.  This company has recently begun with its tool division, and is now beginning to supply tools for Engine Rebuilders and Job Shops in Central America.


The Industrial Division is the third company of GRUPO BARON. It grew out of engine rebuilding, and  first began as a Maintenance Job Shop, which later began to manufacture plastic injection molds, punches and dies.  At this time, the company manufactures products for various industries, including pre-combustion chambers for the Auto Parts Industry, Punches and Dies for the chemical Industries, Machines for the bakery industry, etc.


GRUPO BARON  is a family owned, family operated corporation.  Currently our president Carlos Gerardo Baron, grandson of Col. Baron, has been running the company since 1992 after he graduated as an industrial engineer from Louisiana State University, he has open the San Miguel, Santa Ana, Sonsonate and Santa Tecla branches, introduced the CNC technology, designed and wrote the computer systems that we use in our corporations, has implemented the manufacturing of the precombustion chambers, began importing steels for our production and distribution,  and is focused on implementing the new technologies available as well as creating our own, and the continuity and ongoing expansion of GRUPO BARON.